Autumnal floral jumpsuit - Shein

Back to school/ back to work – 3 ‘working mum’ outfits

September means a lot of things. It means the days are shorter, the summer is almost over, and that it’s time to fully embrace the autumn/winter season.

For a lot of fellow mums it also means it’s back to school time. It may seem like a beginning of the year, the start of something new. Perhaps some of you are going back to work after a long break, or ‘just’ fully back to work after juggling childcare duties over the last 6 weeks. In either case, as you spend hundreds of pounds on school uniforms, shoes and sports gear, don’t forget about yourself!

I put together 3 ‘working mum’ outfits, perfect for a transitional period between the end of summer and full-blown autumn. They’re elegant, sophisticated, comfortable and yet a bit edgy. Over the last few months I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone – the jumpsuit you’ll see below is an example of me being much braver! I’m loving this new-found confidence, trying different colour combinations, different styles – it’s worth taking a bit of a risk!

Enjoy browsing!

1. Autumnal floral jumpsuit

Autumnal floral jumpsuit - Shein

Autumnal floral jumpsuit - Shein

Jumpsuit: SHEIN | Bag: Old | High Heel Sandals: Clarks | Necklace: Accessorise | Earrings: SHEIN

2. The tie detail red skirt

Elegant red skirt and white blouse - Mango

Elegant red skirt and white blouse - Mango

Elegant red skirt and white blouse - Mango

Skirt & Blouse: Mango | Necklace: Oasis | Earrings: Oasis  Bag: Topshop | Heels: Asos

3. Polka dots blouse stunner

SHEIN Two Tone Polka Dot Print Tie Neck Top

SHEIN Two Tone Polka Dot Print Tie Neck Top

Top: SHEIN |  Heels: Asos | Earrings & Bracelet: Accessorise | Bag: Topshop

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Agnieszka Jablonska

My name is Aggie and I’m a mum to the most wonderful (and cheeky!) boy on earth and a wife to my darling hubby! Being a mum is extremely rewarding, but can be overwhelming. It's easy to lose the sight of who you are as a woman. That's why I started this blog - I want every mom to feel confident and empowered in the way they look. All on a budget of course! Every mom, every woman deserves to look fabulous!

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