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My name is Aggie and I’m a mom to the most wonderful (and cheeky!) boy on earth and a wife to my darling hubby – they’re my absolute everything, my rock, no idea what I would do without them!
However, being a mom and wife, it’s so easy to lose the sight of who you are as a person and as a woman. You’re either in a ‘mommy mode’ or in a ‘wife mode’ – every day, every minute, there is something to do and you’re hardly ever put yourself fist. Not to mention, that feeling that if you don’t do it, nothing gets done, so you’re on the go 24/7. Can you relate?

On so many occasions I’m feeling overwhelmed by it all, unnecessarily stressing myself up – it’s exhausting. Eventually, I will however take a step back, reflect and finally do something for myself, even if it’s something silly like putting on make up in the morning, or ‘cleaning up nicely’ for lunch, going shopping with my bestie, grabbing a cuppa and reading a book – doing just one of those things, taking a moment for myself can make all the difference, and I firmly believe it’s making me a better mom. Saying ‘happy mom, happy baby’ could not be more true!
Remember, you shouldn’t feel guilty about making yourself a priority, you totally deserve it. Being a mom is the hardest, most exhausting yet rewarding job. It’s all about finding that perfect balance – I’m yet to master that science, but I’m doing better every day. Practice makes perfect.

Why did I want to start this blog? I want every mom to feel confident and empowered through the way they look. All on a budget of course! Let’s face it, most of us cannot afford to buy Louis Vuitton bags, Louboutin’s, Armani jeans or Chanel dresses. For me it’s about looking like you’ve just stepped out of a fashion catalogue but paying a fraction of a price. You’ll soon learn I’m a massive bargain hunter – I hardly ever buy full price items (I must really love something, and it must be affordable anyway for me to decide to buy it without any discounts).

As you probably gathered I love all things fashion and shopping, but possibly my biggest love is make-up and skincare – I spend hours watching YouTube tutorials (makes the commute so much more bearable!)

I want to share all my knowledge with you – every mom, every woman deserves to look fabulous!