Great transitional pieces for your spring summer wardrobe

Oh the lovely British weather, it can be quite fussy at times. Last year it was pretty amazing most of the time.. this year not so much. I suppose the silver lining is getting good wear out of the pieces that you buy or find in your wardrobe during spring.

Layering is key and absolutely crucial- you’re prepared for anything the weather throws at you.

Another biggie for me is timelessness. I love wearing fashionable clothes but I also felt the need to be more sustainable too. I don’t necessarily have money to get pieces from sustainable brands, so I decided to shop less, choose pieces that will make a great addition to what I’ve already got. Pieces that I will be able to reach for time and time again.

A different way to be sustainable on the budget is going to charity shops. Just recently I found 3 amazing items there- a lovely white top that I will be able to wear with literally anything, a safari style 100% linen shirt and 6-piece of stunning Victorian plates. Yes, you have to go through a lot of uninspiring things, but you can often find real gems.

Without further ado, here are my favourite transitional pieces:

The perfect trench

Beige trench coat from Hobbs London
Beige trench coat Hobbs and a straw bag
Trench coat Hobbs
Top Hobbs
Straw bag Amazon

Biker jacket

Black biker jacket goes together with many different outfits
Faux leather biker jacket Marks and Spencer
Biker jacket Marks & Spencer
Top & shoes Primark
Jeans Gap

White blazer

White blazer will make a great addition to your wardrobe
This white blazer from H&M goes beautifully with virtually any outfit
Shorts Newlook
Blazer H&M (old) click for similar

Denim jacket

Denim jacket completes the perfect weekend look
Denim jacket and straw bag
Denim jacket Primark (old), but you can find it in pretty much every shop

Denim shirt

Denim shirt from Gap
Denim shirt makes a great casual look for spring and summer season
Denim shirt Gap

White jeans

White and green outfit - white blazer brings an element of classic elegance
White blazer, white jeans and green shoes -- always a winner
Jeans C&A very old

Beige jeans

Beige jeans look great with denim shirt
Denim shirt and beige jeans for a creat casual look
Jeans H&M very old, click here for similar
Winter white outfit and long double breasted camel coat

2 ways to rock a winter white outfit

I seriously can’t get enough of winter white at the moment!

All-white outfit has this amazingly glamorous feel about it. It’s super chic and timelessly elegant. We tend to wear it more in the summer, however winter gives even more options and we can let our creativity go wild – different shades of white, layers, textures, shapes, you name it.

I’m sure that even without buying anything you could easily put together a beautiful winter white look – dig out those white jeans, smart ivory jacket, off-white turtleneck or a chunky knit/oversized sweater. If it’s something that’s missing from your wardrobe, there’s plenty to choose from right now in virtually any shop!

You can’t go wrong with buying white basics – they’re incredibly versatile, stylish and you will be reaching for them time and time again.

I put together 2 looks – a casual for the weekend and a smart one for the office, only switching shoes and some accessories to completely change the feel of the look.

Enjoy browsing!

winter white camel coat casual-4490

winter white camel coat casual-4430

winter white camel coat casual-4417

winter white camel coat casual-4486

winter white camel coat casual-4449

winter white camel coat casual-4473

winter white camel coat casual-4383

winter white camel coat casual-4382

winter white camel coat smart-4544

winter white camel coat smart-4543

winter white camel coat smart-4511

winter white camel coat smart-4522

winter white camel coat smart-4571

winter white camel coat smart-4572

winter white camel coat smart-4562

Coat – Dorothy Perkins

Trousers – Zara (last year’s buy)

Blazer and scarf – H&M

Hat – Primark (very old)

Top – Shein 

Trainers – Nike (they’re from men’s section  🙂 )

Heels – Next (last year’s buy)

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Sale obsessed? Focus on getting things that won’t go out of style

I think we’re all guilty of being obsessed with buying sale items, just because they’re a bargain. It makes us feel great to get something new. But do we really need all the stuff that we purchase when the red and flashy ‘SALE’ signs allure us, whether it’s offline or online? Will we use or wear it enough to get our money’s worth?

Often, we’ll buy something because it is on offer and we like it at the time but it doesn’t actually go with anything that we own. So, if we’re not determined or don’t have the budget to complete a specific look, that very item will stay locked in our wardrobe and will most likely never see the light of day. The bottom line is, it will probably end up in the charity shop and we’d have lost ‘x’ amount of money.

I’ve been guilty as charged of doing exactly that. I often wasted money on things I wasn’t completely convinced about but bought them as they were on sale. It took a while to break this habit – being on a tight budget as a mum certainly helped. I still fail from time to time, but not as much as before.

I’ve put together tips that will help you save your pennies during the sale season and make smarter buying decisions.

Here are my tips for you:

  • Have a browse on Instagram, LiketoKnowIt app, fashion blogs and magazines – research what is popular at the moment and get some outfit inspirations
  • Go through your wardrobe – you might already have lots of similar things that you want to purchase; also consider if things you want to buy will go with items you own already
  • Make a list of things that you need and really want to get
  • Go to the shop/browse online with that list in your hand
  • If looking online, check the price in different shops for the same item
  • When you are ready to buy, ask yourself these questions:
    • Will it go with a lot of outfits?
    • Will I wear it often?
    • Is it timeless? Will it still be stylish in a year/2 years/always?

Hope you’ll find it useful, it certainly helped me keep on track and not go too crazy during sales.  

And here’s what I think is worth getting during the sale season

Long coat

I saw some really pretty, timeless coats in Oasis; also online on I Saw It First. If you have a bit of a bigger budget, a coat from Hobbs or Reiss is stunning.

White sweater (gap/H&M)

Checked jacket (H&M)

CREAM/BLACK CHECKED straight-cut jacket H&M
H&M, currently on sale for £12

Pleated skirt

Marks and Spencers have got some lovely ones on sale!

White turtleneck sweater

Fitted polo-neck jumper £14.99 H&M

Black leather imitation (or real if you’ve got the budget) leggings

Leggings £17.99 H&M

Dusty pink sweater

Dorothy Perkins – on sale for £12.00.

Aviator jacket / biker jacket

I got mine at Marks & Spencers back in September, but you can get other nice ones pretty much in every store – Next, Zara, Mango, you name it!

Topshop’s Mix Spotted Midi Dress – this summer’s hottest pick

You know the type of dress that makes you want to swirl, that makes you want to dance, that makes you feel like a million bucks, that turns heads (of women and man), that makes you feel beautiful beyond imagination? Well, dear ladies, this is THE DRESS!

I first spotted it on Instagram and then the next day on Topshop’s display in their high street shop. I knew I had to have it. Once I tried it on, there just wasn’t going back.

This mixed spotted midi dress is everything – extremely flattering, comfortable, flowy (great for this hot summer weather we’ve been experiencing – and long may it last), and it’s so much fun! Because it’s classy yet casual, it’s perfect for any occasion. For those of you who are breastfeeding, you don’t need to worry – the design of the dress is perfect for that.

Mix spotted midi dress Topshop

In its original form, this beauty of a dress is a rather brave option, however, you can just put a black or white top underneath. I had to do exactly that – after I stopped breastfeeding my son Adam, my boobs are literally gone… It’s all about good push up bras now!

I rarely buy things that are full price, this dress being one of them. However, at £55 it’s a bargain in my opinion, as it certainly looks and feels high end without breaking the bank.


Black and white mix spotted midi dress Topshop

Dress: Topshop

White and black option – view here 

5 stylish and affordable summer weekend outfits - Red pleated midi skirt and white top

5 stylish and affordable summer weekend outfits

Summer is finally here!!! Although saying that, the weather has been pretty great since the beginning of May. This year, it’s a summer-in-the-city for us, as I started a full-time job, Adam is in the nursery, and my hubby is away for work all the time. So….we’re trying to make the most of our summer weekends in Bristol and taking lots of day trips around Somerset and Devon area.

I’ve put together my top 5 summer weekend looks – they’re stylish, very affordable, but most important comfortable – which is an absolute must for me as a mum! Whether you’re going for a nice brunch, cuppa with friends, a bbq in the park or a trip to the beach, you’ll find something to suit any occasion.
Outfit details and some styling tips below. Enjoy!

1. Red pleated midi skirt and white top

5 stylish and affordable summer weekend outfits - Red pleated midi skirt and white top

Pleated skirts have made a massive come-back recently and I couldn’t be happier! When I saw this red beauty in TK Maxx I couldn’t help myself. There is such a wide variety of colours this season, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Any basic white top will look fab. Super-trendy straw bag and sliders will complete the look.

Top: Zara | Skirt: TkMaxx | Straw bag: Amazon | Sliders: Asos

2. Classic blue jeans and white blouse combo

5 stylish and affordable summer weekend outfits- Blue jeans white blouse 5 stylish and affordable summer weekend outfits - bliue jeans white blouse 2
My all-time favourite combo – you really can’t go wrong with nicely fitted dark jeans (I’ve been recently faithful to GAP as they’ve got a lot of high waist options that fit my changed body much better) and a semi-smart white blouse. Brown accessories go really well with this outfit, I went for leather wedges and a practical shoulder bag. Throw in a long beaded necklace, some earrings and you’ve got one stylish momma!

Jeans: Gap | Blouse TkMaxx

3. Tropical print top and white jeans

5 stylish and affordable summer weekend outfits - tropical print top and white jeans 5 stylish and affordable summer weekend outfits - tropical print top and white jeans
Another classic combo and a firm favourite – although sometimes a risky option if you’re going somewhere with your little one, I was pretty lucky my lovely white jeans weren’t stained with Adam’s spaghetti Bolognese! Tropical prints are the bomb this season – all you need is some cool shades and perhaps a necklace.

Top: Primark | Jeans: C&A

4. White shorts and red striped top

5 stylish and affordable summer weekend outfits - white shorts and red striped top

5 stylish and affordable summer weekend outfits - white shorts and red striped top 2This summer is all about stripes – I managed to buy this off the shoulder sailor stripes top from Primark for 4! Shorts are ‘recycled’ from last year. That hat though!!! Again – you gotta love Primark!

Top: Primark | Shorts: H&M | Hat: Primark

5. Sailor striped dress

5 stylish and affordable summer weekend outfits - navy sailor striped dress 5 stylish and affordable summer weekend outfits - navy sailor striped dress with denim jacket
Sailor stripes, here we go again! As you can tell, I’m a bit obsessed. This dress is so versatile – I wore it during pregnancy, straight after and recently on numerous occasions. This one is from H&M, not from this season, but you’ll find many similar options. I normally wear it with sneakers – a perfect outfit if you’re on the go, but still, want to look stylish.

Dress: H&M | Sneakers: Office | Denim Jacket: Primark