Damzelle Fashion

My friends are frequently telling me: ‘This is really cute, where did you get it?’, ‘You need to give us some style tips’. They’re always impressed and surprised how cheap my clothes are.

The keyword here is AFFORDABLE. I’m what you would call a deal hunter, I hardly ever buy anything full price unless I really love it and it wouldn’t be hugely expensive anyway. I don’t find pleasure in spending hundreds of pounds on a shirt or bag. For me, it’s a real win if I find something that speaks highbrow fashion for a fraction of a price. So that’s my aspiration – make all busy moms glam on a budget! Stick with me and I’ll hook you up with deals and great websites I’ve been using.

What’s my style? I normally try to go for classic elegance, always choosing clothes that are comfortable (an absolute must for mums!) and can be paired with a lot of my existing clothes. However, saying that, I like to mix it with some trendy looks of the season – without looking like a teenager.

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